Clicking for Conservation

Photography started off as a hobby for me but pretty soon it turned into a passion and I have been doing Wildlife / Bird photography for about ten years.

Having grown up on National Geographic magazines and Discovery Channel, it’s no surprise that my heart and passion lies in Wildlife / Bird photography. I am very passionate about the conservation of our Wildlife / Birdlife that calls this planet ‘Home’. We, as the most intelligent and advanced species to inhabit this Earth, have a moral obligation to preserve what we have NOT destroy it.

I primarily use my work to raise money for Conservation – hence doing my bit through my photography. If each of us did our little bit in our own very special way, think of the collective effect it will have on the environment, OUR environment.

I have been fortunate in that some of my work has been published in various newspapers, magazines and websites both in New Zealand and around the world.

The latest opportunity that I have been fortunate to have some of my work published in is ‘The Hunters’ by Debbie Stewart – a landmark book published by Penguin Random House New Zealand. This very first book of its kind in New Zealand presents all of Aotearoa’s amazing Birds of Prey – from the extinct Giant Eagle Hōkioi to the swooping Kārearea, soaring Kāhu and the secretive Ruru. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Wingspan, New Zealand’s National Bird of Prey Centre, an organisation that works tirelessly for the conservation and preservation of New Zealand’s Birds of Prey including the Kārearea (New Zealand Falcon).

Available at Wingspan and in all leading bookshops in New Zealand.

At this point I’ll stop talking and hand you over to my camera and I’ll let it do the talking from here on…


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