Canon RF 800mm F11 Lens

A few weeks ago I took the Canon RF 800mm F11 lens out for a test shoot. I was extremely skeptical of this lens when it was first announced and thought it was not for me. But after shooting with it, I must say that I am quite impressed with what it is capable of doing.

At the outset I must mention that cameras and lenses are tools that the photographer uses to capture an image. So just like DIY tools are used for a specific purpose in a specific situation, every lens has a purpose and a situation when it can be used to get the desired image.

In the case of this lens, it obviously comes into its own when there's plenty of light. The optics and image quality is very impressive. But what I wanted to see is how does it perform under lowlight. So off I went with the lens to Orokonui Ecosanctuary to test it out. Below is an image of a Tui at one of the feeders - the feeder is tucked away in a bush where the light was less than ideal. The image was taken at ISO 16000 at 1/500s handheld with a Canon R5. The R5 is more than capable of handling high ISOs as can be seen from the image.

Will I be getting rid of my prime lenses? NO. Will I be adding this lens into my kit bag? YES. 🙂


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